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Sunday, February 28, 2010

~Paint Shop Pro ~ Sugary Sweet Downloads

Okay, I use Corel Paint Shop Pro XI for all of my editing needs. I know its not the wondrous program that is Photoshop but , well, damn it I love it!!! It has an easy interface its affordable and pretty much fulfills my needs in an editing program. Maybe my needs are at a lower standard than everyone else's but again... damn it, I love it. However, I have notice that Photoshop is the God of editing programs, therefore, finding brush, tubes and other downloads for PSP XI is a lot more difficult than for PhotoShop. So, ( deep breath, I do tend to be long winded. ) I have decided to dedicate this post to all the wonderful sites I have found that give me the items I need to make my PSP program the wonderful editing program I know and love.

Deviant art is awesome just search application resources then choose , in the left hand column, which program you are looking for. Voila! super easy.

Freebrushes is also pretty good. You do have to download from fileshare site and it does take a while but if you love brushes as much as I do then it's no biggie.

Dawg's paint shop is a wealth of resources.

http://www.sharecg.com - Just ran across this site the other day it has free textures, patterns and scrapbook kits.

Well, that should keep you busy for a little while. I'll add more as I find ones worth mentioning.